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The Power of Freedom and Ownership!

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8 Included Financial Educational Core Courses:

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1.  O.P.M. (Credit Building)

2. How To Protect Your Family and How It Works (Insurance)

3. Power of Income Shifting (Increasing Cashflow, Debt management,W4 Tax Reduction, and Budget Development & Planning)

4. ABC;s of Real Estate (Ownership)

5. How To Get The Money (Loans/Mortgages & Business/Organization/Docs)

6. Legacy Building (Long Term Retirement/Estate Planning)

7. Asset Accumulation (How Money Works)

(Savings, Investment & Wealth)

8. Doing It On Your Own Terms (Health & Wealth)

***Bonus - Business Plan & Development

 ***Additional Yearly Courses Monthly and Much More...


Make Sure To Get Back With The Person That Referred You To The Presentation. 


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