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Free Yourself Mastery

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This CD series will teach you how to get off to a quick start in building your business.  You will learn the things that real leaders know, but are not always willing to share with their downlines.  These topics include the following:

Discovering your WHY that makes you want to cry

 Overcoming time management challenges

Blowing up your business within 21 days

 Following a successful system to become wealthy

 Motivating yourself and taking action NOW

 Stepping out of your comfort zone

 Building an explosive team of recruits who become successful

Moving clients to commitment

 Building momentum quickly

Developing leadership skills
Increasing your recruiting rate
Retaining recruits
Speaking effectively
Implementing 90-day blitz
Embracing success
Much, much more!


 This series has a value of $247. Sale price is less than $10 per cd for 11 cds.  Special price of $99